Autodesk University FAQ

Get answers to your questions about AU Las Vegas.


Who attends the AU Las Vegas conference?
Autodesk University attracts about 11,000+ attendees each year from a wide range of professions and industries, including design, engineering, construction, manufacturing, and digital arts.
What kind of sessions can I expect?

We offer a variety of session types, including:  

  • Hands-on labs for practical product training  
  • Industry talks featuring case studies, insights, and thought leadership 
  • Instructional demos for more in-product learning 
  • Panels and roundtables for peer-to-peer learning 
  • Product briefings for new Autodesk technology 
  • Keynotes that explore the future of design and engineering  

We suggest that you attend a variety of sessions to round out your AU learning experience. 

How many sessions are offered at AU Las Vegas?
In recent years, we've offered nearly 700 sessions to choose from.
When does the conference take place and for how long?
The 2019 conference begins Tuesday, November 19, and ends Thursday, November 21. It’s a 3-day event, with additional preconference events on Monday, November 18.
What events take place on Monday?

We hold several special programs and preconference events on Monday, including: 

  • Forge DevCon–Join more than a thousand design and engineering software developers for a special day of sessions and labs focused on the Forge platform. Includes keynote, social events, and access to the Tuesday AU General Session. 
  • Connect & Construct Summit–Join other construction professionals for a special day of sessions for the building and construction industry. Includes keynote, networking events, and access to the Tuesday AU General Session. 
  • Dynamo from BIM Automation to Generative Design–Increase your Dynamo knowledge and learn how to use it for new BIM automation workflows.
  • Dynamo for BIM Managers: Managing Dynamo-Are you interested in increasing Dynamo use in your office? Learn from members of the Dynamo community how to improve your deployment processes, manage use in larger organizations, and involve more people in design computation and automation.
  • Dynamo for Managing Dynamo for Software Developers: C#, Python, and More-Want to take Dynamo further and develop Dynamo extensions in C#? This workshop will show you how!
How many years has the conference taken place?
2019 will be the 27th year of AU.
Who will speak at the keynotes?
We’ll make an announcement when we've lined up the AU 2019 keynote speakers. In recent years, we've heard from Autodesk executives and special guests.
Is there a theme for the AU conference this year?
Yes. This year’s theme is Better Starts Here.
When and where will the party be held?
There are numerous receptions and parties during AU, with the largest being the Final Night Party on Thursday evening at the LINQ Promenade, just a short walk from The Venetian and The Palazzo. Celebrate your position at the forefront of your industry as you enjoy a futuristic playground for designers, makers, and builders.
Can I bring my significant other?
Guest Passes are available for purchase if you're registered for AU, so you can bring your guest to the AU party and evening events in the Expo. You can also buy a Party Only Guest Pass at the Customer Service desk, which allows your guest to attend the party. Guest Passes and Party Only Passes should only be purchased if you want to bring someone with you. All AU 3-day conference passes include evening events and the party.
Is AU a sustainable event?

Yes. Here are some of the ways we make AU as sustainable as possible:

  • We’ve replaced paper conference guides with a mobile app guide.
  • We hold the conference in a single venue, and partner with sites that already have sustainability programs in place.
  • We provide exhibitors with guidelines on how to make their booth green, and encourage them to reduce or replace paper handouts.
  • To learn more, watch this video on The Greening of Autodesk University.
How can I contribute to sustainability at AU?
Share a taxi from the airport with another AU attendee. AU taxi ambassadors will be waiting to help attendees connect starting Monday. You’ll save on taxi fare, plus start networking as soon as you arrive, so it’s an all-around win. During the conference, you can continue to contribute by bringing a reusable water bottle or use one of the reusable water bottles that we will be distributing to all conference attendees for refills instead of single-use cups.


Where can I see an overview of what is offered?

Check out the AU 2019 schedule to get an idea of the main conference offerings.

Can I view the AU course offerings before I register?
Yes. You can browse the course offerings in the AU class catalog before you register.
How do I get on the waitlist for a full class?

We've added waitlists for instructional demos, industry talks, and hands-on labs. When you try to add a full class to your schedule and the class has a waitlist, the system will ask if you'd like to add your name to the waitlist. If you select yes, you'll be placed on the waitlist and the class will appear on your schedule as a waitlisted class. If you select no, then that time on your schedule will remain open. Keep in mind, when you’re waitlisted for a class you won’t be able to enroll in conflicting classes. We’ll do our best to enroll waitlisted attendees into the respective classes by early November, at which point all waitlists will be cleared.

For AU classes that don't have waitlists, you can use the mobile app to switch classes at the event. Class changes happen right up to and during AU. Add the sessions you want to monitor to your favorites and keep checking back for openings. You can also email the AU Registration Team to ask if a class will be repeated at a different time. REPEAT will appear at the end of the title for classes that are offered again due to popularity.

When will class handouts be available?
Handouts will be posted in the class catalog and mobile app approximately 2 weeks before the event, but speakers can update their files until AU begins. Other class materials will be available through AU online 2 weeks after the conference.
Are all of the AU conference classes recorded?
We record about 500 classes at AU each year. We increase this number every year, and we’re working toward recording every class. Room size impacts which classes are recorded. Since session locations can change up to the event, you can’t request that we record your class. We also can’t post a list of which classes will be recorded.
Where can I find the recorded sessions?
AU learning doesn't end when you leave Las Vegas. You can watch recorded sessions and keep learning all year long at  the AU website. Even if a class wasn’t recorded, many of our AU experts prepare detailed handouts, sample data sets, and other learning materials. These materials are available online year-round.

International attendees

Do I need a U.S. entry visa to attend AU?
All attendees and their guests from outside of the United States must have a valid passport to travel. Visitors from some countries also need an entry visa.
How do I obtain an entry visa for AU?
Contact your local U.S. embassy or consulate to check current visa requirements and find out how to obtain an entry visa. You may be able to fill out an electronic application form online.
What do I do if my embassy/consulate requires me to submit an invitation letter?

All attendees and their guests from outside of the United States must have a valid passport to travel. Visitors from some countries also need an entry visa. Contact your local U.S. embassy or consulate to check current visa requirements and find out how to obtain an entry visa. AU can provide you with an invitation letter if you're registered for the 3-day conference. During registration, you will be able to request a visa invitation letter. After you register for AU and have paid for your 3-day pass, you will be contacted by the Registration Team to provide additional information. Once all information is received, your invitation will be sent to you within 3-5 business days.

What if I'm from a country that participates in the Visa Waiver Program?
If your country participates in the Visa Waiver Program and you have a machine-readable passport, you may be able to travel without a visa. For more information, please refer to the U.S. State Department website.

Interested in speaking at an AU event?

How can I teach a class at AU?

The process for submitting a proposal to teach a class at AU is called the Call for Proposals (CFP). Visit the AU Las Vegas CFP web page for more information, including timelines and requirements. For AU International events, visit the AU web experience and select your location from the Conferences menu.

How are classes selected for AU?

AU selects conference classes based on a range of criteria. We consider the overall strength of a proposal and its relevance to today's industry trends and best practices; whether the proposal builds on existing knowledge and practices found through the AU web experience; the extent to which the proposal creates pathways for future learning; and the speaker’s communication skills, technical expertise, and relevant background and experience. If available, survey results from previous AU events are also considered. Community voting on submitted proposals may be another factor considered during the selection process.  

What benefits do speakers receive?

Speaker benefits vary based on the AU conference. You’ll find details about benefits for AU Las Vegas speakers, co-speakers, and lab assistants in the Call for Proposals (CFP) Guide, which can be downloaded from the AU Las Vegas CFP web page. For AU International events visit the AU web experience, and select your location from the Conferences menu.

Can I change my speaker details or class information after I submit a proposal?

Yes. If you need to make changes to your profile, visit the Autodesk Account page. If you need to make changes to your class information following the submissions deadline, visit the AU web experience and select your location from the Conferences menu to find the speaker contact information for your event.

I have more questions about class proposals, my submission, and the AU speaker experience. Who do I contact for answers?

Visit the AU Las Vegas CFP web page for more information, including timelines and requirements. For AU International events, visit the AU web experience and select your location from the Conferences menu to find the speaker contact information for your event.


How much does the AU conference cost?

Visit the passes page for details about passes and pricing.

Where can I buy passes?

AU passes are available on the Autodesk Store prior to registration in August. When registration launches in August, you must use your pass to register and choose classes. AU passes can also be purchased through your local Autodesk reseller.

Note: Educator/student passes are available for purchase only through the conference website. The Discovery Pass, Expo Pass, and AU Party Only Guest Pass are available for purchase at the conference.

When does registration open?
Registration for AU 2019 opens early August. We will announce the exact date and time soon .
How do I use the AU conference pass I purchased on the Autodesk store?
After purchasing a pass on the Autodesk store, you’ll receive a registration code to use when registration opens in August. During registration, enter your code when prompted to ensure that your prepayment is applied.
I have a registration code. How do I apply my code during the registration process?

Follow these steps to apply your registration code(s) to your registration: 

  • Step 1Sign in to the registration site. If you don't have an account, you'll be able to create one from the site. 
  • Step 2Once you've signed in, you'll start the registration process. You'll be prompted to enter your code(s) into the text box at the bottom of the page.  
  • Step 3Enter your code(s) and proceed through the registration form. The package prices will reflect the discount(s) from the code(s). You'll be charged full-price for any additional packages you select that are not covered by the provided code(s).   
  • Step 4Complete registration. Once completed, you'll have the option to reserve your hotel room or proceed to the class catalog, where you can select your classes and activities based on the package(s) you have purchased. 
How do I apply a code to my registration if I’ve already registered?
Please contact the Autodesk University Registration team via email at
Do I need a special pass to attend the Leadership Forum?
The AU Leadership Forum is an invitation-only event. During registration, enter your invitation code and then choose the Leadership Forum package.
Can I register multiple people myself?
No. Each attendee must register themselves by signing in with their Autodesk ID.
Is there a discount if I purchase multiple passes?

Free additional passes are available for groups of 8 or more. To qualify, all registrants must be paid in full for 3-day conference passes and the group discount must be requested via email by October 24, 2019. When you reach 8 or more completed registrations, have a representative from your company contact the AU Registration Team to arrange your free pass(es). Student and educator passes do not count toward this discount. If your organization has multiple subsidiaries, you must advise all of the affiliated company names to be included in your pass calculation at the time of your initial request.

Note: Cancellations and/or promotions may reduce or nullify your company's qualification level. Educator/student passes are not eligible to count towards this discount.

How can I purchase an AU Guest Pass?
You can purchase an AU Guest Pass when you register for AU. The Guest Pass only includes access to evening events.
Is the cost of hotel accommodations included in the registration fee?
No, hotel accommodations for AU Las Vegas are not included in the registration fee and must be paid at your own expense. If you’ve been provided with a hotel code by Autodesk, be sure to enter it during registration so that you are billed correctly.
Am I going to be charged for the entire hotel bill when I register for AU?

When you request hotel accommodations during the AU registration process, you must provide a credit card, which will be charged one night’s stay plus tax to secure the reservation. You must pay the remaining balance at check-in. If the credit card you’re using is not in your name, please contact the AU Registration Team so they can help. 

I have a hotel code. How do I apply my hotel code when making my hotel reservation?
You'll be prompted to enter your code(s) into the text box at the top of the page at the beginning of the hotel registration process.
Can my under-21 friend, child, or colleague attend AU or be my guest at AU?
Sorry, but no. All AU Las Vegas attendees and their guests must be at least 21 years of age.
What payment methods can I use?
You can purchase AU passes using all major credit cards (American Express, MasterCard, and Visa), checks, and wire transfers. Payments by check and wire transfer must be remitted within 15 days after registration is completed. To ensure that your payment is quickly applied, include a copy of your invoice or reference your name and invoice number with the payment.
I need help with my Autodesk account.

If you’re already an Autodesk member and are having trouble with your account, check out the Autodesk Account FAQ for troubleshooting tips or to retrieve your Autodesk ID or password.

Can I purchase an Expo Pass?
Yes. You can purchase daily Expo Passes each day at the conference.
What is your cancellation policy?

To cancel or transfer your AU conference pass, send an email request to the AU Registration Team. Fees may apply. Conference no-shows are ineligible for a refund. The person receiving the transfer must not be a current attendee in the system at the time of the transfer request. All transfer requests must be received in writing from the original attendee.

Live stream

Can my colleagues watch live-streamed classes during AU?
Yes. We live stream the keynotes and a handful of classes during AU.
Where can I watch the live stream?

Here’s the link—send it to your colleagues and be sure to bookmark it:

Are there any specific requirements needed to watch the live stream?
You’ll need a high-speed Internet connection and a web browser.
Can I watch the live stream after it ends?

You can watch recordings of sessions streamed live at the Autodesk University website.

Mobile app

Where can I download the AU mobile app?

The app is available for download on the website. You can alternatively look for Autodesk University on the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

The app is available for iOS & Android devices. We also have a mobile web version available. (HTML5, features are limited)

The AU 2019 Las Vegas app should be available in August.

Please note that the app is available to anyone. Registered attendees will have access to more features and information.

What can I do on the AU mobile app?

With the AU mobile app, you can manage your schedule, follow the attendee activity feed, get personalized class and networking recommendations, and much more. 

Why can’t I sign in to the mobile app?

Be sure to use your Autodesk ID or the same login information you used to register for AU. Only registered attendees can access the app.

Want to join us at AU Las Vegas 2019?

Check out AU passes    Convince your manager